The Cave of Atman, found on Daniel Johnson’s blog, Daniel Primed and playable at hypernexus.

This game looks like a strategy rpg, but is a puzzler at heart. In appearance, it resembles games like Fire Emblem and was inspired by a core mechanic from Jeanne d’Arc. Each defeated enemy drops an “aura” that can be picked up to increase the power of your own units. The resulting gameplay places an emphasis on forethought, as each level can be won only by planning your units paths to that they can gather aura’s optimally whilst defeating each enemy.

I found this to be a quick and easy puzzle game with a bit of character that shows up at the end. My main complaint would be the difficulty curve. Mechanics are explained well and the interface is clear, but there is a huge ramp up in difficulty around level 25. Some more medium-difficulty levels would have rounded out the experience well.

Score: 3 cute pixel monks out of 5 3 out of 5